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What Demand Response is About

Every time that the temperatures get hotter, majority of us will rely on the air conditioning along with other devices to keep us cool inside. Since all these cooling devices are electric-powered, this puts a lot of stress on the grid resulting to power interruptions, which is the reason why most utility providers plan to overcome the high temperature this summer with programs known as Demand Response to encourage customers about conserving energy during peak-demand times on specified days.

Since you are a utility consumer yourself, you have to be aware of Demand Response and how it can affect you and your energy bill, so you will be prepared to take action, save, and even triumph this summer.

With demand response, utilities make use of increases in rate, bill credits, or else other incentives to regulate demand on electric grids in periods when the demand for electricity threatens to outpace its supply. They call such events as demand response, particularly if the utility is expecting these cases mostly because of the extreme temperatures and also power line breakage or designated maintenance schedule.

Otherwise referred to as “Peak Events” if not “Peak Hours, these events are specially designated hours in which consumers are requested beforehand to watch their electric consumption. As such, customers will receive alerts via email, voicemail or text messages informing them of a Peak Event a day in advance and in the morning. These strategies are very effective as they are able to increase the awareness of consumers about their energy usage, reduce load, in addition to utility engagement.

Utilities help customers to automatically adjust their electric consumption when there are demand response events by way of load control or demand response switches. A lot of customers are likewise registering for smart thermostat programs which enable the utility to deal with the wi-fi regulated thermostats of customers.

You will also be able to keep energy consumption low during periods of high demand by moving your activities that are energy intensive during off peak hours.

The manner that you react to such events will significantly determine your electricity expenses all throughout the year plus influence the stability of the utility company in your area.

Therefore, you need to act to conserve energy, especially this summer and during the afternoon hours when it is really hot. Summer becomes much sweeter with the knowledge that you are doing your share to see to it that these demand response services are in place to provide electricity for everyone. Also, you will be able save same amount on your bill, which is not bad either.
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