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Kitchen Sink Drain Installation Method

All parts of a sink drain come with manuals for installation guidance but look for a professional plumber to avoid messing up things if you’re not confident in yourself. The process of kitchen sink drain installation is discussed below.

There are basic supplies that are needed for this task which you need to know for you to have a budget. Look for a hacksaw or a PVC tubing cutter or tape measure, a kitchen drain trap kit, a marker, and channel-type pliers.

Find out the height of the drain outlet before you buy a kitchen sink. Deep-basin sink will take up more space beneath the countertop. You can fit the sink of your deep drain sink under the countertop appropriately when you fix the drain fitting in the wall at a lower position to fit the height of the sink drain. Take measurements from the base of the cabinet or floor to determine the height of the trap arm on the sink that needs to be replaced. If the trap arm of the old sink is i6 inches, it will be challenging to slope the trap arm downwards, the branch drain pipe in the wall and the horizontal piece that is between the U-shaped trap bend. Connect the trap arm of the new sink to the sanitary tee fitting in the branch drain while sloping it down toward the tee about 1/4 per foot for proper drainage.

If the depth of the new sink cannot fit in the drain opening, open the wall and lower the sanitary tee’s position that is joined to the drainpipe in the wall. The back of the cabinet and the surface of the wall needs to be cut for you to lower the drain. Test fit the other parts of the drain are test-fitted before you glue and secure the fittings permanently because you should leave the fittings loose for adjustments. The drain height should not take up all the space because you need space that allows you to remove and clean the trap.

Fix the strainer and the garbage disposal, starting with the garbage disposal because it needs more space than the strainer. If you do not want to use a garbage disposal, install a basket strainer for it will work as a strainer and garbage disposal. When installing the strainer and the garbage disposal, fix other under-sink components too.

Fix the continuous waste pipe and the drain tailpiece. The sink strainer is connected to the tee fitting by the drain tailpiece whereas the disposal’s drain is connected to the tee fitting using the continuous waste pipe.

Lastly, install the drain trap which includes the J-shaped trap arm and U-shaped trap bend. Connect the trap arm to the sanitary tee and the install the trap bend at the bottom of the tailpiece tee fitting. Ensure that all the parts are fixed properly, tighten all the parts and run water to check for leaks.

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